4 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service

Keeping your house clean can seem like an endless task. No sooner do we wash the dishes and put away the laundry than more dirty plates and full hampers are waiting for us again. 

A home cleaning service might seem like a luxury, but there are some good reasons to consider it.

Save time

  • A 2015 study by Statistics Canada found that Canadians spend around 2 hours per day on household chores. That might not seem like a lot but it adds up over the course of a week or a month. With a cleaning service you can buy back that time and reinvest it in activities like hobbies, home improvement, family time, or even sleep.

Reduce stress

  • Men’s Health magazine reports that mess and clutter have negative effects on our stress levels, which in turn can create a number of wide-ranging impacts, including on your immune system, digestion, quality of sleep, and dietary choices. According to Heathline, stress contributes to everything from headaches, to high blood pressure, to heart attacks. Hiring a cleaning service will not only do away with the mess but also the stress of having to take on all the cleaning yourself.

A safe and healthy home

  • A messy home can pose health risks beyond the associated stress. Slips, trips and falls are a leading cause of injury overall, and are much more likely to occur when your house is in a state of disarray. The Healthy magazine writes that mold and mildew in damp spaces like bathrooms can cause a range of unpleasant effects, from nausea to nasal congestion. And the kitchen poses a unique set of hazards; harmful bacteria might be lurking in your fridge or on other kitchen surfaces if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Enlisting professional help is a good way to ensure your home stays safe for you and your family.

Professional results

  • A reputable cleaning service will not do a rush job and can tackle things you’ve been avoiding. Whether you have them come in for regular upkeep or a seasonal top-to-bottom overhaul, they will provide the kind of thoroughness and attention to detail that many of us can’t be bothered to deliver ourselves.


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