5 Reasons to Hire a Handyperson

They have the tools.

  • Cheap tools aren’t good, and good tools aren’t cheap. A handyperson has usually spent years, if not decades, accumulating the proper tools required for around-the-house maintenance, whereas if you only use a drill or circular saw once per year, think about the price of each hole or cut you make. This will help put the handyperson’s hourly rate into perspective. 

They have the skills.

  • Even simple home improvement projects can seem daunting when you haven’t done them before, and Internet tutorials are a poor substitute for hands-on experience. In addition to years of valuable experience, handypersons have a knack for this kind of work (we don’t call them “handy” for nothing). 


  • Cottage Life magazine reports that in 2016, around 15% of injuries in Canada occurred while people were doing chores. The likelihood of injury can only increase when the chores involve things like a hammer, ladder, or utility knife. A handyperson will know how to operate their tools safely and will come equipped with the proper protective gear for the job.

A job done right.

  • Once again, it comes back to experience. If you have never re-caulked your shower stall you can hardly be expected to do a professional-looking job that will last. A reputable handyperson will take pride in their work and provide professional results.

Saving time.

  • Many of us have busy lives, juggling work, family, and extra-circular activities while still trying to find time to relax and recharge. As the to-do list grows longer it can become a source of stress; when will we find the time to tackle all these small projects and odd jobs? Depending on what is on your list, a handyperson may be able to take care of most or all of it in one or two visits.


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