Planning a Move During a Pandemic

Moving during the Covid-19 pandemic presents a unique set of challenges. Concerns about potential exposure, business closures, and cancellation of services can add a lot of additional pressure to an already stressful situation. provides a lot of great suggestions about how to approach this dilemma. You should first ask yourself if it is possible to delay the move until lockdowns and social distancing measures have been lifted. This is the lowest-risk plan, but as there is no fixed timeline for these measures it might not be possible to postpone your move indefinitely. If this is the case, you need to consider the best approach for your situation and comfort level.

Doing it Yourself

  • Next to delaying the move, renting a truck and moving everything yourself is the best way to limit any potential exposure to the virus. However, this is by far the most time-consuming and exhausting option, since you won’t be able to enlist a gang of friends to lend a hand during the pandemic.  Truck rental companies have remained open thus far but you should still contact them in advance to book your vehicle and get informed about any additional safety protocols that must be observed. 

  • Multi-unit dwellings such as apartments may also have safety measures in place that you will need to know about, so be sure to check with superintendents and landlords ahead of time.

Hiring Movers

  • Like rental services, moving companies have remained open and continue to operate during the pandemic. You should reach out the potential movers well in advance to secure their services and review any safety measures for moving day. Most companies should be doing online estimates and virtual surveys to reduce contact. 

Be Prepared

  • recommends several measures to prepare for a move during the pandemic. Stocking up on supplies can save you last-minute trips to the store. Keep lots of sanitizing and protective products on hand. Avoid used boxes, since coronavirus can live on cardboard surfaces for 24 hours. And be sure to let the movers know if you or anyone in your household is feeling sick prior to moving day. 


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